We're about using home cooked food to create connections between people in neighbourhoods. We’re about enjoying the world of food variety around us in our suburbs. We're about making it natural for neighbours to sell the extra portions of their home cooked meals to each other and to earn additional income for doing so. We're about making it natural to ask, "who's cooking extra?" when you don't feel like cooking, don’t have time or don’t want to travel far. We're ultimately about turning sterile neighbourhoods of isolated living into thronging villages of daily interaction through home cooked food. 

When our mouths open for food, our hearts open in appreciation. When our mouths close to eat, our ears open to listen. Open hearts, open ears, that’s my village. With Table360, fewer people will eat alone.
— Selase Dugbaza, Director, Table360

Our vision

Our Vision is a world where every individual regardless of their background and circumstances, fulfils their highest, most beneficial and creative potential.

Our Mission is to invest in and empower individuals and communities to be self sufficient, and realise their highest vision of themselves. 

how we will do this

  • Strengthening Communities - breaking down social barriers between individuals and increasing social interaction as individuals visit and purchase home cooked food from each other.

  • Investing in Communities - re-investing a portion of income back into each community in the form of micro grants to help individuals and families rise above the barriers they face in pursuing their aspirations.

  • Building Community Social Protection - there is no greater social protection than tightly knit, responsive and self-sufficient communities. We will invest in designing and building uniquely sustainable and people-centred communities where living, working and playing, are functionally designed around the home hub. We want to put an end to flocking away from neighbourhoods to live life. Our neighbourhoods should accomodate the full life of people.

All members of Table360 are ambassadors of our movement to break down social barriers between people in neighbourhoods and create more cohesive and tightly knit communities.

This is a first step towards strengthening the collective will and creative potential of our communities.

Ready to buy or sell home cooked meals?