Who am I?

These are faces of our community. We honour and respect them and thank them for sharing their stories with us.


Story 1 - 19 September 2018

Sunny Jatara2.jpg

Sunny Jatara

Sunny generously and graciously offered her story in support of Table360’s effort to breakdown the issue of isolation and disconnection in neighbourhoods. This the first time she has so openly exposed her life story to others. We acknowledge her beauty of soul, dignity and bravery in doing so. We hope that by reading her story, your reservations about sharing your home cooked food with others will be overcome by the opportunity to build connections with those who live in our community. By using home cooking to build those connections, we have the prospect of transforming neighbourhoods of isolated living into vibrant villages.

Story 2 - 23 October 2018

Greg Pike Portait

Greg Pipe

Greg offered his story to encourage people to embrace a new era of community, where we all stand together as advocates for each others basic needs and rights as equal planetary citizens. While he does not consider himself much a cook, but an assembler of food, he agrees that the process of breaking bread with as many people as possible on a regular basis, is a string foundation for getting to know and caring about each other more. He believes that the better we get to know each other, and the more we collaborate in community, the less susceptible we’ll be to competitive and scarcity driven mindsets that pit people against each other for the necessities of life.

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