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Ferngrove Estate Sample Street Dinner - The Taste of Village Life

  • All of Ferngrove Estate Ferngrove Drive Ballina, NSW, 2478 Australia (map)

Table360 is connecting neighbours as they buy and sell portions of home cooked food.




Saturday 15th December 2018, from 5pm to 7pm.


Ferngrove Estate, Ballina.



How It works

The ‘Sample Street Dinner’ is a neighbourhood home cooking event. It’s an opportunity to experience meeting your neighbours as you buy and sell portions of home cooked food.

Buying sample meals

  1. For security reasons, all participating adults must register.

  2. Follow this link to either log-in or sign up to buy sample meals.

  3. The website will be updated daily with planned meals as they become available (till 8th December 2018 - when all meals should be listed). 

  4. All food and drinks consumed must be pre-purchased for meal planning purposes.

  5. Sample meals will be:

    • $5 for a smallish rice bowl size. There will be 10 serves of each meal available.

    • $2.50 for piece of dessert

    • Variable for drinks (punches, cocktails etc)

  6. All payments goes back to cooks as a small reimbursement for ingredients.

  7. Click on the meal/s you want to try and click “buy this meal now” to pre-purchase it. 

  8. After buying, you’ll get an email confirmation of your purchase, with the address of your host. 

  9. On Saturday 15th, between 5pm and 7pm, the sample dinner begins. 

  10. Walk to the locations of your meal, meet your neighbour, and enjoy your sample meal.

  11. Bring your own bowls and spoons and save the environment.

  12. Have fun! :-)

Selling sample meals

  1. Follow this link to either log-in or sign up to put up your planned meal.

  2. Click the blue “Sell/request meals” button.

  3. Select the category “sample street dinner” 

  4. Follow the prompts to complete your listing telling us what you’re going to cook.

  5. Choose between a main meal, salad, dessert or drink and aim to make enough for a maximum of 10 sample serves (about one pot worth). 

  6. There is no risk. You’ll only need to cook the number of serves pre-purchased.

  7. If you can, upload a picture that resembles your meal. If you need help with a picture, email or call for help.

  8. When someone buys a meal, you’ll get an email notification about a 'purchase request'.

  9. You’ll need to accept or reject the purchase. Only accept a purchase if there are serves available.

  10. On Saturday 15th, make as many serves as have been purchased and serve to your buyers.

  11. From 5pm on Saturday 15th, meet, greet and serve your buyers. (Feel free to setup outside, rather than inside).

  12. Let’s have fun.


Neighbours can continue to buy and sell home cooked food through Table360

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