How to make money back on your groceries

Grocery bills are unavoidable and they are not getting any cheaper.  

Australian's pay some of the highest prices in the world for food. On average our food prices increase by 2-3% each year, despite the improvements in production and distribution systems and the increased competition. 

The main reason for the increase each year, is that everyone in the food production and supply chain wants or needs to make a bit more money each year to manage general price rises. Because of this, they all increase their prices slightly. The result is higher prices at the checkout. This tells you that under a profit model, you can't really expect lower prices from year to year, unless technological improvements drastically reduce the cost of production. 

While you can't control prices at the checkout, did you know that you can get money back on your groceries through Keep reading and we'll show you how easy it is... 


As a home cook you already know that it doesn't take much more to cook a few extra serves of what you're cooking anyway. The difference in price and effort between 4 serves of a chicken korma curry with rice and 6 serves, is not that much more. By planning ahead and using Table360, your extra 2 serves, can give you enough money back to cover the whole pot. Here’s how.

Lentil and Chicken Korma

Lentil and Chicken Korma

Table360 allows you to sell your freshly cooked extra portions to your neighbours. We all love a good home cooked meal, but don’t always feel like cooking. Many of your neighbours would love to just walk down the street to pick up a lovingly cooked meal that’s healthier, tastier and lighter on the wallet than eating out.

For example, cooking this chicken korma curry with rice, comes to approx. $4 per serve (based on ingredients bought from Coles and Aldi). If you cooked for a family of 4, that would be $16. If you were to sell 2 generous extra portions on Table360, at $10 per serve, you would make $17 ($20 minus 15% transaction and bank fees). That would give you $17 back on your grocery bill, covering the cost of the 4 meals for your family. That really is too good an opportunity to pass up!

If you know what you’ll be cooking during the week, it’s super easy to list your meals on Table360. When you list your meal, also include your cutoff pre-order date and time for "cooking extra" the serves, .This way, not only do you know in advance whether you need to cook extra or not, you’ll also have been paid in advance to buy the ingredients. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

meal plan.jpeg

When you put up your meal plan, we will do the work to find and bring to your door the people that will pay for your meals.

Sound good? 

All you have to do now is sign up or log in and list the meals you will cook through the week. 

That’s how you can make money back on your groceries using

Happy Selling!

Selase Dugbaza, Director, Table360.

P.S. Table360 is a social enterprise with a vision of improving the connections between neighbours in our suburbs through home cooked food. We want to transform neighbourhoods of isolated living into villages. Click below to find out more.