Launch and search for early adopters


Five weeks after deciding that Table360 was going to be  reality, we have launched a prototype platform and are looking for early adopters to test and help us refine the platform.

Our trial will focus on a single location. The essence of Table360 is the simplicity of being able to search for "who's cooking extra" in your neighbourhood, scroll through meal options, find what you like, who you trust, pay for it, then get the details to walk or ride over and pick it up. We want it to be very local. We want people to get past the desire for delivery and love the idea of walking or riding over to meet a new person in the neighbourhood.

Our goal is to make this a very natural and effortless process.

We're after ten individuals within a one kilometre radius willing to offer extras of their delicious home cooked meals to their community. We believe strongly that once the meals are served, the eaters will come. We are excited to see what this does to communities. We are confident that once people settle into this, there will be no turning back. The village will be born!

Selase - Founder.