Curing Isolation Through a Shared Hearty Meal

We'd like to thank the Byron Shire Echo for their news article highlighting Table360's activity in solving neighbourhood isolation and disconnection through home cooked food. 

The article comes at the perfect time to help us build awareness about our first virtual launch of the table360 web-based marketplace in Mullumbimby on 22nd September 2018.

We're working hard on the ground and online to create awareness about the virtual launch to get residents of Mullumbimby on board. Starting from tomorrow 13 September 2018, newsletters will be distributed within Mullumbimby and at the Friday farmers market to let people know what we're planning to do.

We're looking forward to some upcoming radio interviews and discussions which will also highlight what we're doing.

We are powerfully motivated to implement our home cooked food approach to solving disconnection, and further breakdown social barriers in neighbourhoods, connect individuals and bring in that village feeling.

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