Table360 Mullumbimby Launch


Table360 is about turning neighbourhoods into villages by encouraging daily interactions around food. It's about saying "Who's cooking extra" that I can buy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's about enabling the simple and frequent day-to-day interactions that build connection and awareness of each other within our neighbourhoods. It's about being slightly alternative.

When you think about alternative, non-mainstream communities, no town signifies that better in Australia than Mullumbimby, NSW. What better place to officially launch Table360.

On Saturday 22nd September, all residents of Mullumbimby and by extension Main Arm, are invited to take part in "The Taste of Village Life" from lunch time till dinner. The goal is to eat lunch and or dinner out in your neighbourhood and get to know your neighbours through their home cooked food. There's no better way to meet the neighbours.

The rationale is that there is a world of abundant food variety in our neighbourhoods, and that it is only natural that people can make the extra portions of food that they cook available for their neighbours to buy and eat if they want it.  Why should we have to travel out of our neighbourhoods for the ordinary meals that are available around us? 

This launch is about opening up a new way of interacting with our neighbourhood through food. Table360 makes the process of making our extra home cooked food available to others to buy very simple and straightforward. The launch on Saturday 22nd September is just the introduction. We are confident that once people get used to the idea, they will wonder why they didn't do it earlier.