selase dugbaza

Founder and Director


I received the understanding of my souls desire in a powerful way when I turned 40. I wondered why I had to wait so long and why it had to be something so big that it felt like a fools dream. Since then, three ideas have lodged themselves in me. The first is "to dare to dare"; the second is Buckminster Fuller's "Trim Tab" which shows the large impact small things can have; and the third is the reminder that "the seed sprouts while shrouded in darkness". My souls desire is to be witness to a world in which, the primary (but not the only) task of every individual is to work at something in private, for an unveiling at its completion. The only requirement is that the thing unveiled must be a direct reflection of who that person is as a human being. It is the expression of who they are through the collaborative work of their mind, body and soul. Some will unveil at ninety years, others in their seventies, fifties or forties and a few in their thirties or twenties. The society exists to support and nurture the unique and undisturbed development of each individual and to help them discover and express their creative fingerprint for life’s celebration. Imagine the yet unseen art, science, technology and human feats we will discover hidden in the most humble of individuals. About this society, so much more could be said. Sadly, hierarchy and authority systems driven by greed, fear of change, uncertainty and human freedom, are a huge restraint at this time on natural human expression and development. I do not know yet how to cut through these mountain like obstacles to achieve my vision. I believe however, that all desires contain the seeds for their realisation within the desire, just like a natural seed contains the instructions for the growing of the plant or tree. Just as the soil is the natural womb of creation for a plant, the body mind is the womb of creation for man’s ideals. The seed is planted. So while it sprouts shrouded in darkness, I'm taking the naturally inspired actions. Welcome Table360. 


Could this be you?

Remunerated Roles

Do you have capabilities you’d like to offer to Table360 to help it achieve its vision, in return for pay and/or a share in the organisation? High on the agenda are IT, communications, marketing or project coordination.


could this be you?

Volunteer Roles

Does our vision resonate with you? Do you have the capacity and interest in volunteering to help us progress our vision by supporting our office team or as a neighbourhood ambassador driving the take-up of Table360?