We now live in a modern sharing economy

People are realising that they are better off using their surplus time and resources to serve and help each other. This includes making the extra food they cook everyday, available for people in their neighbourhood to buy and enjoy at a reasonable price.

The old game of seeking exclusive ownership of things and keeping resources locked up has helped make profits for companies, but has not helped people in general and has negatively impacted the environment through over production.

We have more goods, services, and resources available worldwide than we need to live well. There is abundance, but political, economic and social rules and regulations have prevented the distribution of this abundance to people.


Table360 wants to extend the “sharing economy” to the trade of food between individuals in our neighbourhoods. To us this would be the equivalent of turning our cities and towns into villages. The trade of food between people is a gateway to more connected, cohesive and secure communities. Imagine the community feeling that would develop when social barriers are broken down and people confidently knock on each other’s doors to purchase food varieties either dine-in or takeaway.

By joining Table360, you are saying “yes” to being a part of this sharing movement and to creating the village feeling in your own neighbourhood.

To get involved is easy. If you cook, you’re doing it anyway. Just cook extra!

Ready to buy or sell some home cooked meals?